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The Imabari Towel Industrial Association is comprised of several towel manufacturers in Ehime Prefecture. It promotes a variety of activities, including the development of new products through university-industrial cooperation, the organization of domestic exhibitions, and participation in trade fairs in Japan and abroad. The association also organizes marketing and promotional activities on behalf of imabari towelbrand manufacturers, as well as training programs that help foster talent in the industry.

Message from our president

Our aim to be a towel producing area that continues to create
"Safe, Secure, and Superb" Imabari Towels

The Imabari Towel Project was launched in 2006, when towel manufacturing was dying out in Imabari due to the rapid increase of imports of foreign products along with the gathering wave of globalization. Under the guidance of Kashiwa Sato, who was appointed as a branding producer, Imabari Towel is now recognized as a representative brand of “Japan Quality”- products that are “Safe, Secure, and Superb.” We would like to thank all of the people involved for their support.

Today, various changes are accelerating all over the world. In particular for Japan there is a labor shortage due to the declining population. It seriously affects production in our area and we are working on this urgent issue by improving labor conditions and efficiency without impairing technology and quality.

In addition, sustainability activities as represented by SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), are also attracting a great deal of attention as a social responsibility that companies and brands should address. The Imabari Towel Industrial Association has established human rights policies and is implementing multi-faceted CSR activities such as the Imabari Towel Child-rearing Support Program, Imabari Towel and Mizu-no-Mori, and will continue in their development.

We believe in our mission to continue to provide consumers with "Safe, Secure and Superb" Imabari Towel products by always being positive and tackling various issues in an active, forward-looking manner. We would like to thank everyone involved and working together to achieve our goals and look forward to your continued support.

Business profile
imabari towel japan
Address 5-14-3 Higashimon-cho, Imabari,
Ehime 794-0033 JAPAN
TEL 011-81-898-32-7000
FAX 011-81-898-32-3842
Founded on November 1, 1952
Number of staff 8
Registered capital 119million yen
Number of officers 20 Directors, 3 Superintendents
Member companies 102 (2020)
Number of looms 1,339(2020)
Number of employees 2,178 (2020)
Annual production 7,889 tons (2020)
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